Sunday, April 12, 2009

Speedy's Barbecue in Lexington, NC

By the time we pulled into Speedy’s, my stomach had sent the message to my brain that it was over capacity, and I figured I had fifteen minutes until the fire marshall would shut the place down.

Undeterred, we walked in Speedy’s and got a corner booth. I noticed a sign out front touting “Best BBQ Anywhere” and remained hopeful that they would be right, though I couldn’t imagine it getting much better than Smiley’s.

When the “small” tray arrived, my stomach hid behind me like a frightened child. The portion of barbecue on my plate was easily larger than Smiley’s and the Bar-B-Que Center combined. There was at least a pound of coarse chopped, outside brown piled up on my tray and it looked fantastic.

Unfortunately, it would turn out to be pretty tough and not overly flavorful, which is a bad combination. I took a few bites, thinking that maybe I was just grabbing from the wrong section, but it didn’t fare any better.

At that point Chris got up to get in the line for the bathroom, and I thought I would probably throw in the towel. When he came back a few minutes later, the tray was almost empty. I had found a couple of pretty flavorful bites, and though my stomach was beyond full, I was determined to finish the rest. I never really found much to vault Speedy’s out of last place in Lexington, but I was determined to finish the tour strong.

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