Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dillsboro Smokehouse

We took a really scenic drive up towards Asheville from Atlanta, and after driving for a while we came to a sleepy little town called Dillsboro. It’s exactly how you would picture a quant little southern town in the mountains. The railroad runs through the heart of it, which is adorned with beautiful old buildings. It’s the kind of town where time slows down and people aren’t quite in such a hurry to do much of anything.

There was a sign touting the Dillsboro Smokehouse, so we took a detour to check the place out. It had everything you’d want in a North Carolina barbecue place, except good barbecue. The chopped pork sandwich was unpleasantly dry, which was a huge disappointment given how unique the surroundings were. The people were nice, the d├ęcor was authentic, but the food was regrettably bad. But I’m glad we went, because I always would have wondered about it if we’d kept driving.

So we headed on to spend a couple of days checking out breweries and mountain biking in Asheville, a town with surprisingly little to offer in the way of barbecue.


  1. So sorry you had a bad experience there. I live in the area and go quite often to the Dillsboro Smokehouse. It is quite good and it is quite unfortunate that you were there on a rare off day.

  2. I could not disagree more. We ate there today and I would recommend this to anyone that is passing through. The decor is worth the price of entry and their locally brewed beers are a hit as well. The place is covered in business cards from patrons that have travelled here over the years. If you are ever in the area again, I would give it a second chance.

  3. Stopped here a few weeks ago. Your review is exactly what I experienced too.