Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bar-B-Q Center in Lexington, NC

The tour of the pits was awesome, but I knew that we needed to move quickly to our next stop. Time was of the essence, and I was on a race to eat as much as I could before my stomach realized it was full.

The Barbecue Center had more of a diner feel to it, and as we entered we were quickly greeted by a friendly old lady. I ordered another barbecue tray with brown, coarse chopped and Chris made the mistake of saying “I’ve already eaten”. Our waitress quickly asked where, and before he could think of a good lie, it was too late. He had uttered the words “Lexington #1”.

The only other time I’ve seen a reaction like that was when a friend of mine proudly announced he was an Auburn fan at an Alabama tailgate. Complete and total showstopper.

The waitress stomped off and told her coworkers, and there were a couple of minutes where I legitimately thought that we might be asked to leave the restaurant.

Luckily she came back with my food, and a healthy dose of a scowl towards Chris. She finally warmed up after a while as I told her about my trip and all of the places I’d been and I eventually decided that she was putting on more of an act than anything earlier. Kind of.

The barbecue itself was good, but in a nod to Rick Monk, I think #1’s barbecue had a better combination of flavor, texture and smoke. I did have one bite that was out of this world, which just goes to show why there is so much debate about barbecue.

I ate most of the tray, leaving some cole slaw and some of the hush puppies. We paid and quickly made our way to the next place. After spending nearly 45 minutes at our first stop, I was pleased that our total time inside of the Bar-B-Q Center was probably 15 minutes at the most.

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