Sunday, April 12, 2009

Harold's in Atlanta, GA

Harold’s looks like a real hellhole on the outside, which made me optimistic that Owen found a real gem in the middle of Atlanta. We went there for lunch the next day, and I tried the ribs and pork, with a side of Brunswick stew.

I’m not a big Brunswick stew fan, but I figured there must be a reason that Georgians rave over the stuff. I will say that of the Brunswick stew I have had, this was the best. Granted, it’s a pretty low bar, but this stuff was good. But I just can’t for the life of me figure out why people think Brunswick stew goes well with barbecue.

The ribs at Harold’s were tough and fatty, but the pork had a very good smoked flavor. Harold’s has been around since 1947, and I imagine it’s not because their ribs are bad. I’ll chalk it up to a bad batch, and would certainly give it another shot if I lived in Atlanta.

All in all a good place for barbecue. Just not winning any awards on this trip.

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